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Since I became a freelance journalist in 2011, I've worked on a long list of exciting projects including magazines, websites, content and branded media. Clients I have worked for extensively include Santander, Vodafone, Capgemini, Grant Thornton and QA. I have also managed teams in several successful website implementations in recent years. I can create, populate and drive traffic to websites on behalf of clients. Every job is different, so tell me your needs.

Selected projects

Heathrow’s entrepreneurial Q&As

Heathrow is one of the biggest airports in the world and is constantly rethinking the way it provides a service to its millions of customers. It wants to be known as the airport that caters to customer needs, whether they be holidaymakers or corporate executives flying on business.

To help underline this point, I interviewed some of the UK’s most exciting entrepreneurs to discover what they look for in a travel experience – is it comfort and privacy or just a really good wifi connection?

Interviewees included Lord Bilimoria of Cobra Beer, Dragons’ Den’s Deborah Meaden, Harrods CEO Michael Ward, Divine Chocolate founder Sophi Tranchell, Crowcube co-founder Luke Lang and Harris + Hoole co-boss Nick Tolley.

Spotlight on Telegraph Spark

Telegraph Spark is the commercial arm of the Telegraph Media Group. It sets up content marketing projects for major brands that people want to read, showcasing the results in the newspaper.

With a combined print and online audience of more than 2 million people daily, the Daily Telegraph is a seriously good platform for conveying important messages. 

Telegraph Spark, therefore, has a long list of clients, ranging from major UK banks to law firms, technology companies and car manufacturers. I am proud to be a trusted partner to the Telegraph, having helped to execute some of its most high-profile projects.

I write copy, conduct video interviews, help to arrange roundtable discussion groups featuring top executives and act as a valuable liaison with client-side marketing managers.

I have worked directly on pitches and attended creative meetings to help the Spark team win new business and deliver on their promises.

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First contact usually involves a phone call or an email. During the early stages of a relationship I'll ask you about your needs and what must be delivered, as well as the timescale involved. This will form the basis of a project with agreed targets.



I'll agree with you the various steps required to fulfil the project. Whether you need writing, web development or video I'll make sure the job fits the bill. I'll stay in contact throughout the process and ensure you're happy with progress.



I aim to exceed expectations and I regularly go the extra mile to ensure clients are delighted with results. This is an opportunity for feedback and a chance to consider whether further steps are necessary.

Contact me now and see what I can do for your business.

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