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Freelance journalism is my staple work. I have written hundreds of pieces for dozens of publications, including broadsheet newspapers, magazines, websites with traffic in the millions and brands of all descriptions, from blue chips to start-ups.

Potted portfolio

(The Telegraph) The best brains in aviation are working around the clock to create new generations of aeroplanes that are strong, efficient and comfortable ... Read More 

(Raconteur in The Times) What can businesses learn from Netflix? Quite a lot it turns out. The on demand TV streaming service has grown into a global media titan in a few short years. Today it stands as one of Hollywood's biggest studios and is ... Read More

(Grant Thornton) What can business learn from art? At first glance, very little. Business is all about industry and making money, while art is the enactment of dreams and true artists live in pious poverty. Chasing profit is an activity undertaken by greedy vulgarians (Includes interview with Alan de Botton and Will Gompertz) ... Read More

(The Guardian) London is a thriving scene for British and international start-ups, but high rents and expensive living costs mean a lot of fledgling businesses are opting to establish themselves in the UK’s new and thriving entrepreneurial hubs ... Read More

(Forbes) The Apple Watch has been a mixed bag sales-wise. In this provocatively titled piece for Forbes I explain why this is not a member of Apple’s stellar product line that includes the iPod, iPad, iMac and, of course, the iPhone ... Read More

An up-to-date portfolio is available upon request. 

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Expertise guaranteed

As a journalist with approaching 20 years’ experience writing across multiple media, I can provide a host of editorial services – including:

  1. Freelance business journalism

  2. Content marketing

  3. Copy writing

  4. Editorial consultancy

  5. Website project management

  6. PR campaigns

  7. Ideas generation

  8. Simple/effective marketing solutions

  9. Public speaking and panel hosting

  10. A smooth process. No nasty surprises

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