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I'm a freelance journalist and content professional with approaching 20 years' (gasp!) experience writing in print and online.

After a stint as a special correspondent at Jane's Defence Weekly I started my career in business journalism at Press Holdings on a multi-million pound dotcom start-up called

Like a lot of dotcom-era businesses, this one ran out of money and I was catapulted from cub reporter to editor in just six months as the company downsized.

This was a fast-tracked learning experience, as I had to deal with pitches and copy from correspondents across Europe despite my tender years.

Business Europe merged with another business and was finally rescued from administration by a rival. 

I joined the new company, Crimson Business, and became group editor of a suite of websites, including the fabulously popular I was also contributing editor of Growing Business Magazine.

After this I moved to Caspian Media to fill largely the same role at the slightly bigger organisation. I developed and, and became contributing editor of Real Business Magazine.

Next I started my own business, Point & Fire Media Ltd, just as the economy crumbled in early 2008.

We published the start-up advice website, which eventually bit the dust in the so-called Great Recession.

Since then I have freelanced for some of the biggest titles in the land (see my portfolio for details).

I work with brands of all sizes to fulfil their content needs. Until very recently I was editor of Grant Thornton's magazine for entrepreneurs and I remain the part-time editor of QA's title PM Today.

In amongst this I provide written contributions to major brands via content marketing agencies Like SevenC3 and Wardour.

And because I also like to run my own show, I founded, a thought-leadership website fuelled with contributions from some of the brightest minds in business.

In my spare time I enjoy theatre, film, books and a bit of exercise. I'm working my way up the belts in Jiu Jitsu and trying my hand at a few languages, least successfully Russian.

I'm married with two children and I reside near Bromley in South East London.  

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